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Which Trust is Best for You?

With all of the options out there, it can be hard to choose which trust is best for you.

Trust Point is here to help. We’ve put together this glossary to define some of the most common types of trusts and why they’re used. Continue reading to learn more about which trust is best for you.

4 Common Types of Trusts Compared (Pros & Cons)

Wondering what trust is right for you? Compare the various types of trusts in this detailed guide.

Top 4 Benefits Of Setting Up A Family Foundation

Setting up a family foundation allows philanthropically minded families to achieve any number of worthy goals while also providing significant tax benefits. Many donors are surprised to find that they need not be extravagantly wealthy to create their own family foundation. Continue reading to learn about family foundations.

Social Security Split Strategy – Solving the Social Security Puzzle

When to start receiving Social Security retirement benefits is an important decision, especially when you consider retirement could span 20 years or more. We cover some key considerations for making the best decision for you in this Social Security blog.

Annuity vs Mutual Fund: Which Is Right For You (Pros & Cons)

When it comes to annuities vs. mutual funds, Americans—particularly retirees—have historically been buyers of variable annuities. Are taxable mutual funds actually a better investment for accumulated savings than variable annuities? Read more for additional insights.

When to Retire: Pros & Cons of Retiring at Different Ages

Are you wondering when to retire? Compare the pros and cons of retiring at different ages in this guide “When to Retire: Pros & Cons of Retiring at Different Ages.” We take a look at retiring before age 54, between ages 66 and 70, and after age 70.

What is a Corporate Trustee and Why Do I Need One?

It’s important that the assets you have spent your life accumulating are well managed and properly administered. A corporate trustee can be a beneficial option for ensuring your financial wishes are executed, especially if you have a large estate with diverse assets, and complex tax considerations. We’ll take a look at what a corporate trustee is, and why you may want one. Read more…

Silicon Valley Bank: What You Should Know

The Silicon Valley Bank collapse was a top news story among the financial industry in early 2023. Read the blog from March 2023 when we shared our expertise and thoughts on the situation.

Should You Use a Revocable Trust (Instead of a Will) to Pass Property to Your Heirs?

Today, many people are opting for revocable trusts instead of wills when it comes to taking care of their finances and estate. So, what are the benefits of these types of trusts, and when should you consider a revocable trust instead of a will? Learn more about revocable trusts in this blog

Is Having A Retirement Mortgage A Good or Bad Idea?

Is having a retirement mortgage a good or bad idea? If you’re planning for retirement, you should consider the pros and cons of having a mortgage before stepping out of the workforce. Continue reading…

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