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Fiduciary Responsibility

Putting Your Needs First

With a longstanding history of providing exceptional fiduciary services to clients, you can trust our experienced professionals to help you establish plans to achieve your goals.

Trust Point has always used the fiduciary standard as our guide, and will continue to apply it to all of our activities and services, not just the ones that we are legally required to uphold. We firmly believe that every action we take, every suggestion we make, and the consultation we provide should only be in the best interest of our clients.

Total Transparency

Trust Point is an independent trust company which enables us to put our clients’ needs first and allows us to avoid any conflicts of interest. Trust Point does not collect commissions from or share revenue with any investment that we utilize or recommend for our clients. Instead, we use a tiered fee structure that’s based on your portfolio’s size.

Fees are 100% transparent and 100% disclosed. Simply stated, when we act on your behalf, you can be sure we are acting only in your best interest and the only way we succeed is if you do.

Our Five Principles of Fiduciary Service

Everything we do aligns with our fiduciary philosophies. It helps us do the best work possible, and we use these five key principles to inform the decisions we make:

1. Put the Client’s Best Interests First

It’s the golden rule of our fiduciary duty. Serving our clients, while never being deceitful or self-serving is required in the work we do.

2. Act With Prudence and Professionalism

Fiduciaries must act with good judgment, skill, diligence, and care. Competence and loyalty are essential in making our decisions.

3. Don’t Mislead Clients

Being transparent and disclosing information that will impact the client is important and must be applied to all aspects of business.

4. Avoid Conflicts of Interest

We must create a trusting work environment in order to best collaborate with our clients. The only way to do that is to disclose or avoid conflicts of interest that could hurt the client or the work we do together.

5. Fully Disclose and Fairly Manage

As fiduciaries and as leaders, it is our job to remove any obstacles that would impact our judgment or objectivity.

Your Best Interest

At Trust Point, your success is important to us. It’s as simple as that. Contact us today to speak to a fiduciary who will put you first.

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