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Early Retirement Tax Decisions

Take the Pulse of Your Tax Health

March 30, 2023, Trust Point
Regular medical checkups give you and your physician an opportunity to identify where you can improve your overall health. They also help identify areas of…
Are Assets Safe

Know How Your Assets Are Protected

March 28, 2023, Yan Arsenault CFA®, CAIA, Chief Investment Officer
The recent events surrounding the failure of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, combined with the volatility in stock prices of other financial institutions, serve…
Weekly Market Update

Weekly Market Update

March 27, 2023, Brett Sebion, Financial Coach, Emerj360
Weekly Market Update: Each week we will offer a very brief market update to help keep you informed on the latest. Want the latest delivered…
SVB Collapse

Silicon Valley Bank: What You Should Know

March 14, 2023, Yan Arsenault CFA®, CAIA, Chief Investment Officer
Last week, Silicon Valley Bank was seized by regulators. That led to a series of events unseen since the financial crisis of 2008-09. Here is…
Advisor fees

What You Should Know About Advisor Fees

March 13, 2023, Trust Point
Financial professionals, like financial advisors and financial planners play a critical role in helping you manage your investments and work toward your financial goals, and…
Hot Data Cool Markets

Hot Data, Cool Markets, Good News

March 7, 2023, Yan Arsenault CFA®, CAIA, Chief Investment Officer
While markets retreat, the shift in rate expectations show signs the end of rate hikes is near Key Observations• Strong economic data pushed market expectations…
Regina Brenda Paige Working Together

Women’s History Month

March 2, 2023, Trust Point
March is Women’s History month; a time devoted to commemorating and encouraging the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American…