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Charitable Giving

Giving Back to the Causes You Care About

For those looking to make a meaningful, lasting impact, charitable giving provides a way to contribute to worthwhile causes both now and well into the future. Trust Point professionals can help you decide where to contribute, the best ways to do it, and how to earn financial rewards for your efforts through tax benefits.

Meet Your Goals

Trust Point offers a wide range of services to meet your philanthropic goals. Those include:

Charitable Gifts

If you’re unsure where to give, we can make recommendations and also work with you to develop a schedule and manage contributions. We can also discuss important tax considerations to ensure your giving pays off.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitably inclined individuals may benefit from establishing a charitable remainder trust. This trust offers tax benefits while preserving an income stream for designated beneficiaries prior to the assets being distributed to designated charities.

Endowment Funds/Foundation Trusts

We have a wealth of experience managing funds and trusts for endowments and foundations. We can provide professional consulting for committee members, guiding investment strategies and other important decisions.

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Your Passion, Your Purpose

Our aim is to help you maximize your philanthropic contributions, ensuring a lasting, purposeful impact on initiatives that are in line with your values. Learn how we can help you get started on a path to establishing your charitable legacy.

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