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Our Approach

Tailoring a Financial
Plan That Meets Your Needs

Our team at Trust Point will work with you to develop a customized financial plan that meets your goals. To do this, we follow a seven-step process:

Getting to Know You
We want to take the time to understand you and your big-picture vision so we can guide you in realizing it.
Identifying and Selecting Goals
We’ll sit down with you and identify the personal and financial objectives that you want to meet, and even exceed going forward.
Analyzing Your Current Course of Action
So you can reach these goals, we take a look at your current course of action to see if it fits your needs. If it does not meet your expectations, we help you change directions.
Developing Recommendations
Once we take a look at your current finances and goals, we develop a detailed set of procedures and recommendations.
Presenting Recommendations
We present these suggestions clearly and with explanations for each choice, so that we can take your feedback into consideration and form a comprehensive plan.
Implementing the Plan
After receiving your approval, we work side-by-side with you to put the plan into action.
Monitoring Progress and Updating
We encourage an ongoing dialogue about your plan so we can best track your progress, and together we will re-evaluate the plan if challenges arise.

Earning Your Trust

At Trust Point, we know that your confidence in us is earned through the outcomes we deliver. As a fiduciary, we always have your best interests in mind and will work to make sure your plan achieves your goals. Contact one of our professionals today to start planning your financial future.

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