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Estate Settlement

Your Trusted Guide Through Life’s Hardest Moments

Estate settlement can be overwhelming for families. Our experts at Trust Point have been there for families for over a century, helping with trust administration, wills and estate settlement. We are here to make sure families and loved ones are protected during some of their most challenging moments.

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Prepare, Preserve and Protect Your Legacy

It’s never easy to plan for a death or incapacitation.The most effective way to ensure a smooth transfer of assets is by having an estate plan in place — whether that is a will, trust or combination of the two. At Trust Point, we have helped families since 1913 to make plans that put both hearts and minds at ease through the following:

  • Providing comprehensive estate services
  • Taking the time to talk with you and learn about your wishes
  • Ensuring your personalized plan protects your legacy

With our unmatched experience in trust administration, you can feel confident your estate will be settled to the exact terms of your plans.

Your Estate, an Extension of Your Financial Plan

We offer a range of comprehensive financial services including wealth management, business advisory services, financial planning, tax management, and estate planning. Our financial services are holistic, and your estate plan is an important component of your financial plan.

Guided by our fiduciary standard, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their financial and personal goals. We are invested in you. Your success is at the heart of everything we do.

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Honoring Your Legacy

More than anything, people want to make sure that their loved ones are taken care of according to their wishes. Our namesake and reputation have been earned providing this important work for generations of families.

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