Debt Ceiling Distraction

The Debt Ceiling Distraction – A Manufactured Crisis

February 1, 2023, Yan Arsenault CFA®, CAIA, Chief Investment Officer

In 1917 the United States Congress first established a limit on government borrowing to finance the country’s involvement in World War I. The current debt ceiling is set at $31.4 trillion1 and has been raised to accommodate the government’s growing debt obligations over time. In fact, it has been raised.

Prescription for Saving

A Prescription for Saving

January 25, 2023, Duke Cunningham CFP®, Vice President Business Development

Have you thought about the expenses you might have once you retire? Some expenses might be lower, especially if the house is paid off and the kids have grown and flown the nest. But others could be higher. No matter how healthy you are, your health care costs could be.

Steps to Financial Wellness Blog Post Cover 1 1

Four Steps to Financial Wellness

January 23, 2023, Brenda Stuhr, CPA, CTFA, Vice President, Wealth Management/Learning & Development

People who are serious about improving their physical health know that it requires effort and a series of small steps taken over time. It’s much the same with improving your financial health. Here are some steps that can take you closer to achieving financial wellness. Spend Less than You Earn.

Rent or Buy

Rent or Buy?

January 17, 2023, Duke Cunningham CFP®, Vice President Business Development

Considerations for making one of the most important financial decisions of your post-work life When it comes to retirement planning, a key decision everyone has to make is how and where they plan to live. Whether you are paying a mortgage or monthly rent, selling a home or buying a.

Top 10 Blogs of 2022 Blog Cover Photo 1

Top 10 Blogs from 2022

January 16, 2023, Trust Point

2022 was an exciting year filled with many fascinating insights. Here we have compiled our 10 most popular blogs from 2022. 1. 4 Common Types of Trusts Compared (Pros & Cons) When organizing your estate plan, many consider creating a trust. A trust is a common alternative or companion to.

Secure 2.0 Act Trust Point 1

SECURE 2.0 Act Paves the Way for Big Changes

January 12, 2023, Allyson Krause CRPP™, Managing Director Retirement Plan Services

The SECURE 2.0 Act of 2022 (“SECURE 2.0”) is chock-full of provisions – 92, in fact – aimed at improving Americans’ preparedness for retirement. Like SECURE Act 1.0 (passed December 2019), this latest round of legislation provides workers with greater access to retirement plans and further encourages retirement savings. This.

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Market Point Q4 2022

January 10, 2023, Yan Arsenault CFA®, CAIA, Chief Investment Officer

The full version of Market Point, our quarterly market commentary and overview of economic conditions, is now available. Click here to read the full version of Market Point to learn more. Don’t miss out on the latest financial news & insights from our team! When you sign-up for our monthly.

2023 Outlook

2023 Outlook: Goodbye TINA (There is No Alternative)

January 3, 2023, Yan Arsenault CFA®, CAIA, Chief Investment Officer

Key Observation Our 2021 outlook was optimistic as the proverbial economic doors swung open as COVID eased. Our 2022 outlook, moved in the other direction, calling for volatile markets based on (among other factors) persistent inflation, the Fed stepping on the economic breaks and market valuations and expectations set for.

FTX Crypto Lessons Learned

FTX – Lessons Learned from a Lack of Due Diligence

December 29, 2022, Yan Arsenault CFA®, CAIA, Chief Investment Officer

The recent collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX and its trading arm affiliate, Alameda Research, highlights the importance of performing thorough due diligence prior to making an investment. In 2017, Sam Bankman-Fried founded Alameda Research, a quantitative trading firm specializing in cryptocurrencies.  He subsequently founded FTX, a cryptocurrency exchange, in 2019..

Pivot to Pause

A Pivot to Pause?

December 13, 2022, Yan Arsenault CFA®, CAIA, Chief Investment Officer

Signs of peaking inflation and the potential for central bank moderation in 2023 pushed equity markets higher in November. Market Recap Risk assets extended the October rally into November, continuing to claw back returns from lows earlier in the year. Investor sentiment swung 180 degrees as economic data showed signs.

YP Workplace of the Year 2 1

Trust Point Receives Best Young Professionals Workplace of the Year Award

December 8, 2022, Angela Strangman

The La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce and area businesses have partnered for the first Young Professional Awards to celebrate current and upcoming leaders in the La Crosse area. The following awards were open for nominations: One of Trust Point’s values as an organization is supporting growth and development. To.

401k rollover blog 1

Rollovers: The Benefits of Consolidation Within A 401(k)

December 6, 2022, Jon Marquet, Retirement Plan Consultant

The average person will work for twelve different organization throughout their career. If each employer –even if far fewer than the average–offers a 401 (k) plan, then this movement throughout a career can lead to a variety of 401 (k) accounts with a variety of different 401 (k) providers sprinkled.