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Special Needs or Supplemental Needs Trust

Wealth management that provides you the financial peace of mind to enjoy all of life’s most precious moments.

Families with disabled individuals have unique financial needs.  This is especially true if the disabled individual receives public assistance.  Individuals with a qualifying disability can utilize funds held in a Special Needs or Supplemental Needs Trust (SNT) to enhance their quality of life while preserving their eligibility for needs-based government benefits.

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Trust Point has  expertise in the administration of these specialized trusts.  Our financial experts at Trust Point are familiar with government benefits and the types of trust distributions that are permissible without jeopardizing eligibility for these programs.  If needed, we will introduce you to an attorney and work with them through the drafting process of the SNT.

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Help a Loved One Out: Trust Point is Here to Assist

A Special Needs Trust will give you the assurance and confidence that your family member or friend is in safe hands. As trustee, we use our knowledge and expertise to help improve the beneficiary’s quality of life while maintaining eligibility for public benefits. Working with a trusted partner familiar with SNTs can provide peace of mind that the trust is administered properly.

Special Needs Trust Administration

Administration of Special and Supplemental Needs Trusts is complex. Failure to properly administer these specialized trusts can result in the reduction or loss of government benefits or personal liability for the trustee. Family member trustees often become overwhelmed and frustrated with the amount of work and knowledge required to administer these trusts.

A Special Needs Trust can be used for many purposes, including:

- Purchase of a home or condo along with any necessary improvements and maintenance.
- Property tax and homeowners insurance.
- Purchase of a vehicle and/or vehicle modifications.
- Vehicle insurance
- Alternative transportation such bus passes.
- Travel expenses
- Household goods, personal property, and clothing.
- Telephone, cable, and internet services.
- Education expenses and computer equipment.

Special Needs or Supplemental Needs Trust Services

While many trust and investment management companies shy away from administering SNTs, here at Trust Point, we welcome the opportunity to act as trustee on such trusts.

For more than a century, Trust Point has provided a full range of financial and advisory services to individuals, families, businesses, and charitable organizations.

We are uniquely positioned to offer the highest level of sophistication and professional expertise with genuine personal service.

We are guided by the fiduciary standard in which we put client’s best interests first and follow one simple philosophy, in doing what is best for our clients, we will be doing what is best for Trust Point.

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