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Tips to Stop Social Security-Related Scams

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National Slam the Scam Day is March 9th, designated by the Social Security Administration. The day brings awareness to help you recognize social security-related scams. View tips from the SSA below that can help prevent scammers from stealing your confidential information and money.

Recognize the four basic signs of a scam:

1. Scammers pretend to be from a familiar organization or agency, like the Social Security Administration. They may email attachments with official-looking logos, seals, signatures, or pictures of employee credentials.

2. Scammers mention a problem or a prize. They may say your Social Security number was involved in a crime or ask for personal information to process a benefit increase.

3. Scammers pressure you to act immediately. They may threaten you with arrest or legal action.

4. Scammers tell you to pay using a gift card, prepaid debit card, or cryptocurrency; by wire or money transfer; or by mailing cash. They may also tell you to transfer your money to a “safe” account.

Social Security will never:

  • Threaten arrest or legal action if someone does not immediately send money to resolve an overpayment
  • Promise to increase benefits or resolve identity theft issues for a fee or by moving money into a protected account
  • Require payment with a retail gift card, prepaid debit card, cryptocurrency, wire transfer, internet currency, or by mailing cash
  • Send text, email, or social media messages that contain personal information

Need to report a scam? Visit:

Share this information with friends and family to help them protect their information and money as well.

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