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Stories of Service and Relationships Inspire Trust Point Young Professionals

The Trust Point Young Professionals held their quarterly meeting on May 18, 2022 in La Crosse.

The morning began with a tour of the Kwik Trip production facility. Kwik Trip’s structure of vertical-integration was on full display as we followed pizzas, Glazers, and more, from raw ingredients to distribution.

John McHugh, Director of Corporate Communications, provided closing remarks. Mr. McHugh shared stories that exemplified the model of compassionate service that has brought Kwik Trip success and brand loyalty. Our group resonated with his message. Despite the differences between fuel and financial services, Trust Point strives to deliver on these same core values. Mr. McHugh agreed; a culture of compassion, service, and integrity differentiate Trust Point in a special way.

Next, Trust Point’s President and CEO, Bill Bosch, and Chairman of the Board, Kent Handel, facilitated a discussion with the group. The dialogue focused on how an obstacle can provide an opportunity, and opportunities can multiply. Building strong relationships through quality service pays off, sometimes even decades thereafter.

Our discussion finished with a status update on the Young Professionals Long Range Plan, which has continued apace during its first year.

The group concluded by volunteering at The Kane Street Community Garden, a Hunger Task Force venture that provides free garden produce to the Seven Rivers Region. Community involvement is a fundamental focus of the Young Professionals; our group was eager to spend the remainder of the afternoon putting our tenets of service and teamwork to good use.

The Trust Point’s Young Professionals (TPYP) group is comprised of Trust Point employees under the age of 35, who are dedicated to continuing Trust Point’s legacy of excellence through training, education, networking and community service.

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