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Our Team’s Growing Expertise: New CEPA® Designations

Trust Point financial professionals earn CEPA designation

Many of our clients own businesses. Thus, the Trust Point team includes a variety of credentialed experts who know how to assist business owners and help them create a plan, including JDs, CPAs, CFPs, and many others. Most recently, Trust Point added two CEPA® experts to its ranks to provide additional support and guidance to business owners.

A Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA®) is specifically trained to raise, discuss, and understand issues related a business owner’s exit from the business, including how to build an exit team, prepare the business owner and the business for exit, and how to best handle, structure, and invest the proceeds from an exit for a successful and fulfilling post-exit life.

Like anything worthwhile, exit planning takes time. The sooner a business owner starts to plan for exit, the more that can be done to improve the prospects and results. In fact, we recommend that, if possible, our business owner clients start talking to us at least three to five years before they want to exit. Of course, if the timeline is shorter, there are still many things that can be done to help. But, the sooner a business owner engages in the exit planning process, the better. Our team has the expertise to ensure a smooth transition for your business, tailored to your goals and wishes.

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