The History of 230 Front Street North - Trust Point

The History of 230 Front Street North

Trust Point La Crosse office in Wisconsin

As we celebrate 110 years of Trust Point, we can look back on all parts of our history including our current headquarters building, 230 Front Street North in La Crosse, WI.

230 Front Street North was constructed in 1916 as the new headquarters for the W.A Roosevelt CO., a wholesale distributor of plumbing supplies that was started by William A. Roosevelt in 1868 as a supplier of brass parts for steamboats. At the time of the building’s construction it was described as “one of the most beautiful and graceful industrial buildings in the City of La Crosse” by the La Crosse Tribune. The building cost $80,000 to construct in 1916 which is equivalent to $2.2 million today. The building was designed by the La Crosse architectural firm, Parkinson & Dockendorf. In 1984 it was added to the National Register of Historic Places because of its Chicago Commercial style and Prairie School ornament.

230 Front St N Building collapse in 1965

W.A Roosevelt Company moved into 230 Front Street North in 1918 and remained there until 1978. During their time there, The Great Flood of 1965 damaged the northwest corner of the building. On Sunday April 26, 1965, a section of the foundation and basement collapsed due to floodwaters eroding away the ground under the footings. Workers went back to work that Monday but wore their coats because there was no heat in the building.

After W.A Roosevelt Company moved out of 230 Front St North, the building remained vacant until 1989 when Norplex Oak (later Isola Laminates) moved their corporate headquarters into the building. Isola Laminates stayed in the building until 2002. Then, Trust Point relocated from their original building at 311 Main Street to 230 Front Street North in 2003.

Since moving into the building, Trust Point has made many improvements to the building and the company itself over the last couple of decades. As of today, Trust Point has 65+ employees that occupy all 5 floors of 230 Front Street North.

Source: La Crosse Public Library Archives Department 

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