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Be Aware of Email Phishing…Yes, Again

Phishing Awareness

We have several safeguards in place to help protect client information. Unfortunately, scammers can still pose as Trust Point, out of our control, to try compromising your information. We have a few tips to help you be aware of potential phishing attempts.

If you are expecting an encrypted email from Trust Point, please carefully inspect the email and encryption service. Also, if you are not sure when to expect the email, feel free to give us a call to verify a Trust Point staff member actually sent an email, or when you can expect to receive an encrypted email.

Once a scammer gains access to your email account, they can learn a ton of confidential information about you that they can use for a malicious attack. A few extra seconds reviewing an email can save time, money, and stress down the road.

Please call your relationship manager if you think you’ve been sent a phishing email that appears to be from Trust Point so we can do our best to verify if our team actually sent the email.

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