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Financial Planning

Wealth management that provides you the financial peace of mind to enjoy all of life’s most precious moments.

When you are planning for your financial future, it is essential to receive comprehensive, impartial advice. At Trust Point, our financial planning services are fee-only, which means our planning team does not receive a commission or benefit from the sale of products. While setting your financial goals, you will have access to our team of  attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Personal Financial Specialists, and financial planners, all of whom can help you create a customized plan for your future.

We’ll help you to map out your success.

It is important for our team to understand the full picture of your current situation and the future you see for you and your family. Our team of financial planners use a 6 step approach for financial planning that will assess your lifestyle and family needs.

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Brian Koopman, CPA, CTFA, CFP® – La Crosse

Christine Schmidt, CFP® – Minneapolis 

Duke Cunningham, CFP® – La Crosse

Heather Jordan, MBA, CFP® – La Crosse 

Kirsten Kimball, JD, CFP® – Minneapolis

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Financial planning with an expert at the wheel

Since 1913, Trust Point has remained a thriving, independent financial planning company, committed to growing our clients’ wealth. For more than a century, we’ve been developing and perfecting our financial strategies so you can rest easy knowing your future is insured. Whatever goals you’re trying to achieve with your money, our team has the expertise and the experience to provide you with valuable guidance.

Financial Planning

Our wealth management services offer more than just establishing financial goals. We look at all your goals, even those beyond your financial portfolio so that you can feel confident in where you stand and where you are headed. Let us worry about the details so you can focus on what matters the most.

Our 7 Step Approach

We use a 7 step approach for financial planning that will help provide the answers to these questions and provide financial peace of mind. We know you have a world of questions – and a world of choices – when it comes to managing your investments and planning for your future. Even with the information available today, it can be difficult to discern what is the best choice for your individual needs.

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Financial Planning Services

Retirement can be a stressful phase of any person’s life. Trust Point is here to make it easier for you. To plan your future, a strong retirement plan is critical. We can help you figure out how to plan properly so you can focus less on finances and more on living your best life.

For more than a century, Trust Point has provided a full range of financial and advisory services to individuals, families, businesses, and charitable organizations.

We are uniquely positioned to offer the highest level of sophistication and professional expertise with genuine personal service.

We are guided by the fiduciary standard in which we put client’s best interests first and follow one simple philosophy, in doing what is best for our clients, we will be doing what is best for Trust Point.

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