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Trust Point Shares Methods for Strengthening Organizational Culture

Culture is not only a critical tool for attracting and retaining talent, but also for providing the best service to our clients. Trust Point values developing a culture of teamwork and leadership, and has contributed to being recognized as “Best Places to Work” for five years in a row.

Reginal Siegel, Vice President Organizational Development; Jill Taylor, Chief Administrative Officer; and Allyson Krause, Managing Director Retirement Services, had the opportunity to present at the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 Better Business Summit, which gathers local industry leaders to share stories and tips for improving our relationships, companies, economy, and community.

Regina, Jill, and Allyson shared methods the Trust Point team has implemented, including internal mentorship programs and structured training for younger professionals, that have helped the team develop leaders aligned with our vision and values.

Curious to learn more about the value Trust Point places on the organization’s culture in order to attract and retain staff and serve clients best? Read our previous article about the importance of teamwork at Trust Point.

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