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Reason for Optimism in a Time of Uncertainty

Updated March 23, 2020

Kent Handel, CEO

Trust Point has the experience and stability to help you weather the market’s worst.

As coronavirus news continues to emerge at a rapid-fire pace and market volatility persists, you might think someone in my position would be discouraged.

Strictly from an investment perspective, of course it’s easy to get down in a time of such turmoil. But if decades of experience have taught me anything, it’s to remain optimistic and realize the opportunities we have before us.

In its 106-year history, Trust Point and its clients have persevered through some of the nation’s worst economic downturns—everything from the Great Depression of the 1930s to the Great Recession a decade ago. Trust Point has not only survived those downturns, but emerged stronger than ever. People come to us for stability and consistency, and our ability to deliver in the face of any market condition has resulted in tremendous growth.

Much about the coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented, but in terms of its economic impact, like all major market drops before it, it will pass. When it does, I expect the rebound to be swift, and for both Trust Point and our clients to be stronger for it.

Prior to the Great Recession, the nation had fundamental economic problems which are different from the economic environment that was present prior to COVID-19.  While broad markets are off substantially at this point, this economy is poised for a faster-than-normal recovery as the pandemic recedes.

Believe it or not, there is opportunity in the midst of this for many clients. It’s an opportunity for people who have cash to put it to work, for people who have wanted to adjust their portfolios to a different asset mix to take advantage of that and control or reduce tax payments.

Looking at your numbers in the short term might be a shock, but our team is here to help provide proven expertise and guidance, to make sure you come out of this period strong. Maintaining client relationships has always been important to us, and you can expect us to be in touch more frequently during this time, even though—for the safety of everyone—we won’t be meeting in person.

We don’t know how long this pandemic and its aftermath will last, but I’m confident we’ll get through it and ultimately find ourselves in a better position. Trust Point is here for you and working in your best interest, always.

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Kent Handel, CEO