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Giving Back

Updated June 9, 2021

Trust Point

We are proud of Trust Point’s century of service reputation of excellence. But, our approach and purpose has always been focused on the future. Not just our own company’s future - but, more importantly, our client’s futures.

The pandemic hasn’t slowed Trust Point’s commitment to community engagement

For a company that prides itself on consistent involvement in the community, the last year has looked a little different for Trust Point, as it has for everyone. Giving back to local communities has always been an important part of our work. Participation in community groups, such as the Boys & Girls Clubs, for example, is routine for the team. So is company sponsorship of local events, as well as organizing large-scale initiatives,
such as a mentorship program for students in need. The COVID-19 pandemic might have brought a temporary stop to the in-person engagement employees are used to, but it has not slowed Trust Point’s efforts to give back. In fact, now more than ever, we are focused on making sure we serve our communities to the fullest extent possible. “We know that many people in the communities we serve are very stressed,” says Trust Point President and CEO Kent Handel. “It’s been a difficult time, and we want to help, even if it’s in ways that are uncharacteristic of us. We’ve continued our support, we’ve just had to do it in a different way.” Here’s a look at some of the ways Trust Point has been involved in the community, both before the pandemic and since.

Expanding Opportunity

In 2018, Trust Point partnered with North Woods International School in La
Crosse to provide resources, mentorship, friendship and support to students that teachers had identified as needing additional resources and guidance.
We continued that partnership for several years, with the final step taking
place last summer, when Trust Point made a donation toward the construction of a new playground at North Woods. Work began in July and was wrapped up in September. Throughout the effort, Handel hoped it would serve as a model for other businesses. He organized a Q&A session with local business leaders, challenging them to implement similar programs. So far, three other area schools have been adopted and other programs are in the works. This last year, the La Crosse Public Education
Foundation recognized the meaningful impact the program had on the lives of students, honoring Trust Point with its Corporate Partner in Education Award.

Brightening Days

Part of the mission for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater La Crosse is to serve “those who need us most.” Prior to the pandemic, Trust Point volunteered at the organization’s Hamilton Elementary Club, spending time with children in need of support. Staff played games, listened, and provided positive mentorship. “The Trust Point employees who have volunteered their time within our Hamilton Club have truly demonstrated a passion for making a difference in the lives of kids,” says Jake Erickson, Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Clubs in the region. The team has been unable to interact with the club since March, but Trust Point has stayed involved in other ways, recently donating computers to help the students with schoolwork.

Coping With Covid

Since the start of the pandemic, Trust Point has sought ways to help some of the individuals and businesses most affected. In April, the team worked with Rosie’s Cafe to provide free meals for essential workers in La Crosse, serving nearly 300 meals in a day. In another effort to help frontline employees as well as independent businesses, we partnered with a local radio broadcast company to raise money for gift cards to area stores and restaurants. The cards were given to hospital and healthcare organizations
to provide to staff. Increased stress from the uncertainty of health and financial situations also heightened the need for counseling from the Family & Children’s Center in La Crosse. Recognizing that the center was not well equipped for virtual visits, Trust Point made a donation to upgrade
their telehealth equipment. Many events that Trust Point planned to sponsor in 2020 were cancelled, but sponsorship dollars were paid anyway
in an effort to support partner organizations. We also provided free tickets to Leadercast, a large-scale leadership event it was supposed to host, but that was ultimately offered virtually.

Rebuilding Communities

Trust Point wants to e part of the solution in the ongoing global fight against social injustice, while also helping local communities rebuild following this summer’s unrest. A small piece of that effort involved a donation to the Minneapolis Hamline Midway Coalition – District Council 11, to help the
significantly damaged area rebound. The coalition develops and supports resident-led initiatives in community building, transportation, economic
development, and general neighborhood improvement. We also made a donation to Cookie Cart Twin Cities, which helps teens 15 to 18 build meaningful life and leadership skills at urban nonprofit bakeries. These are just a sampling of the ways Trust Point has worked to serve its communities
beyond its financial expertise. “Trust Point has been around for over
a century, so we have been through a number of challenging situations,” says Angela Strangman, MBA, Vice President, Marketing. “We are fortunate
to be a strong organization and are committed to helping where we can, in
the communities we serve, especially during this time of uncertainty”.

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Trust Point

We are proud of Trust Point’s century of service reputation of excellence. But, our approach and purpose has always been focused on the future. Not just our own company’s future - but, more importantly, our client’s futures.