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Coronavirus is a Black Swan Event

Seeing a ‘Black Swan’ in nature is rare—but your odds are still better than observing one in financial markets. Cannon Financial Institute offers this article to help us understand just how infrequently black swan events have happened over time.

 Our financial expert, Yan Arsenault, adds that recent data released by Fidelity Investments indicates that “nearly a third of investors ages 65 and up sold all of their stockholdings some time between February and May.”  

“A scary statistic! Black swan events certainly instill a great amount of fear in people’s minds—and ‘it has never been that bad before’ feeling,” Arsenault says. “They are ugly, scary and are often hard to comprehend, but they always pass. They are  always overcome. And only patient investors get the rewards. The vast majority of our clients stayed the course during the recent downturn, a statistic we and our clients should be very proud of.” 

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